From the love of fauna and flora

We love nature, radiant look and uncomplicated care. These passions allow us to create ecological cosmetics of good quality. But what does "ecological" actually mean? It consists of several factors. Firstly, all products are made by hand, by the owner of Auna. Secondly, they are vegan, which means you can be sure that they were made without the interference of artificial dyes and are free of animal suffering. The production is done in small batches so that they are always fresh. They are made for everyone, without ideological limitations. We avoid plastic and palm oil with a wide arch, but we like to cherish the #lesswaste and #minimalism trends (our classic packaging can be reused). We create ethical products, we value the ethos of human work, we respect the work of mother nature and our smaller brothers.


Fauna + Anna = Auna

Behind the Auna brand is me – Anna Kościelnik. I am a cosmetic chemist by education, who wanted to combine his passions; good cosmetics, beautiful objects and a healthy lifestyle. This is how my “child” was created – a company that gives me a lot of joy. I am authentic in what I do, because I create cosmetics that I use myself. I give up 100% of it and I hope that you will notice it in the end, that is, in the cosmetics that will come into your hands. You need the mother of the invention – they say, and that’s exactly what happened to me. Auna was created for big concerns, which unscrupulously use unnecessary and even harmful ingredients for production. That is why we will provide you with simple, natural and full of active ingredients.

Cosmetics and something much more

According to the pillar assumptions AUNA is also to be a brand actively involved in environmental activities. Cruelty free is not enough for us. We assure you that some of the money you have spent on the purchase of our cosmetics will go to a worthy cause to improve animal life. Not only dogs and cats, which everyone loves, but also lynxes, squirrels, bison or bears, which are not remembered every day. Because every animal deserves to be treated with dignity! – They say with conviction of the creator, because behind AUNA is also Ania’s husband, Mariusz. That is why the brand points the way to the necessary information on how to actively contribute to environmental protection. It is enough to follow its social media.

Thank you for being here!


Visit our stationary store

This autumn AUNA also invites you to the Avenida in Poznań, where it will open its first pop-up sales space on September 4th. Inside the stand, the climate typical for the brand will reign – pastel colors, unobtrusive animal motifs and a large number of live plants. Where did you get the idea from? The inspiration to create this unique space was, of course, love for nature and unique branding, which has already become the hallmark of AUNY. In the sales offer you will find literally all vegan bestsellers of the brand: soaps, oils, peelings, bath salts or essential oils. In other words, a whole set of cosmetics with stunning fragrance compositions and phenomenal effects that are just waiting to pamper your senses.

You can find the Auna stationary store in Galeria Avenida in Poznan on level +1.

Matyi 2
61-586 Poznań