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    Blue clay power


    It is good if, after applying the mask, your face is not only temporarily smoothed out but also has a real impact on the condition of your skin. This is our new blue clay mask. This ingredient has a strong oxygenating effect. It precisely removes skin impurities, leaving the skin clean and fresh. Therefore, the mask is recommended mainly for oily and combination skin. It is also suitable for dry and lacking in radiance skin. It perfectly moisturizes, softens and at the same time adds shine and improves skin tone. In the composition you will also find white clay showing skin tightening properties. It gently closes the pores without drying them out. Allantoin, on the other hand, soothes irritations and facilitates healing. Your complexion is soothed and prepared for the night or for applying make-up. Bet your skin is ready for the evening. Make yourself a home spa with a blue soothing and moisturising mask by AUNA!



    Additional information:

    • Efficient capacity: 100 g. Enough for many relaxing evenings!


    • Directions for use: Prepare a bowl, put the powder into it, then add warm water/hydrolat/herbal steam and mix until the paste consistency is obtained. A single serving is two teaspoons of powder and two teaspoons of liquid. Apply to face and décolletage, gently massage, leave for a few minutes, then rinse. Do not allow the mask to dry on the face. Moisten with water or add a few drops of your favourite oil to the paste. You can also add hyaluronic acid and/or essential oil to the mask. Use immediately after preparation.


    • Product without preservatives.


    • Avoid the eye area.


    • The product is not intended for consumption.



    INCI: Kaolin, Bentonite, Agar, Urea, Niacinamide, Cl77007, Allantoin.


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