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    Bar, it means ecological

    We present a set for lovers of bar products. Or do you just want to start your #lesswaste adventure? Our square-shaped shampoo and conditioner is a terrific way to reduce plastic daily. You consume the product and… this is it! Zero unnecessary rubbish 🙂 Plus, it is a great travel solution when every milliliter is at a premium. Try it once and you will fall in love 🙂



    Set contains:

    • bar shampoo 80 g – it foams perfectly and fits in your hand – you will see, its use is easy and intuitive 🙂 The cosmetic does not weigh the hair down, does not leave a greasy filter on it, and cleans it thoroughly without irritating the scalp. Additionally, it prevents split ends. Simply ideal! 😉


    • Blueberry conditioner in a bar 50 g – together with the shampoo it creates an irreplaceable duo. Makes hair bouncy and smooth like silk. In addition, it reduces inflammation of the scalp, prevents hair loss and dandruff. And that berry smell… ah!



    Additional information:

    • All our cosmetics are vegan and do not contain preservatives, allergens, artificial fillers, or foaming agents. For the love of fauna and flora!


    • The products are not suitable for eating, although we know that they have a tempting smell 🙂 Follow our recommendations for use to make sure that your cosmetics will work as intended.


    • The standard price of the set is PLN 75, so you save PLN 12 for further purchases in our store 🙂


    • Cosmetics contain SLSA. This is different from SLS – quite the opposite! SLS, or sodium lauryl sulfate, is a chemical detergent that dries the skin and removes all its nutrients. Remember to avoid it in the future – replace SLS with SLSA!


    • To keep your shampoo and conditioner as efficient as possible, store them in a soap dish or soap dishes with holes that drain away water.


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