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Linden flower hydrolate


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    You don’t have to rest underneath it to know its benevolent qualities. Discover our novelty: the ecological linden flower hydrolate, which will be the perfect soothing for your skin. Therefore, it will work for allergic, sensitive and demanding skin. Hydrolat is an alternative to the classic tonic because, like it, it has toning properties. And in a more natural way! You can also use the cosmetic to spray your whole body (preferably after bathing) and hair as a conditioner to comb them. One product, so many applications! Linden flower extract also helps oily skin, as it has an astringent and pore closing effect. With our hydrolate you will feel the change!


    Additional information:

    • Capacity: 100 ml.
    • Country of origin: France.
    • The product is ECOCERT certified.


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