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    Looking for tropics

    We just found them! Here’s a body peeling with the divine scent of mango. The aroma of this tropical fruit will take you to exotic regions of South Asia. A small island in the Philippines? A crowded city in India? You decide where you’ll turn up! Also pay attention to the composition. Shea butter perfectly regenerates and nourishes the skin, thus contributing to faster wound healing. Moreover, it effectively protects the body against external factors, such as the cold, intense sun or gusty wind. Vitamin E, in turn, delays the ageing process of the skin and protects it from free radicals. The exfoliating substances contained in the peel are exclusively of natural origin and dissolve during use, thus leaving no residue. Scrub perfectly removes dead epidermis and moisturizes – you don’t have to apply the lotion afterwards. Peeling is the first step in a home spa. Get into the exotic scent, feel the pleasant, grainy texture and relax!



    Additional information:

    • Capacity: 350 g.


    • Composition: sucrose (sugar), sweet almond oil, avocado oil, shea butter, mango butter, rosehip oil, vitamin E, mango aroma.


    • How to use: Apply to damp skin and massage the entire body with circular movements. After a few minutes, rinse and then enjoy the smooth, exotic mango scented skin!


    • Remember – although it is tempting to smell, the product is not intended for consumption.


    • To extend the shelf life of the cosmetic, protect the inside of the packaging from water.


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