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    The scent of the Orient in your home

    Once you have tried the beneficial and multifunctional action of essential oils, you will not be able to give them up. Especially when they come in their natural version! We present an oil distilled from the fruit of a small tropical May Chang tree (Litsea cubea), related to cinnamon and found in East Asia. It is referred to as the “peace oil” because it has a great effect in promoting physical and mental relaxation. This essential oil has many properties. It has a relaxing effect, improves mood, lowers pressure and reduces the feeling of anxiety, so it will also work for people with depression. It is used in cosmetics for acne skin care (regulates sebum secretion and has antiseptic and antibacterial effects). The gentle cooling effect it leaves on your skin makes it a great alternative to a tonic or hydrolite in your daily care. It alleviates pain in a natural way, so you don’t have to use chemical drugs harmful to your liver. Due to its scent (similar to lemongrass oil, only slightly sweeter), it is often used in perfume compositions.



    Example application:

    For hair:

    • Add a few drops of shampoo oil – the hair will be very soft after washing.
    • Apply oil to the hair, massage into the scalp, and after one hour wash off, the hair will shine.

    Against cellulite:

    • For body massage – add a few drops of essential oil to the base oil.

    To the face:

    • Used for young skin as an anti-inflammatory agent. Lubricate imperfections and irritated areas with it.



    General use of essential oils:

    • Massage (3-5 drops mixed with one spoonful of base oil).


    • Bathing (10-15 drops per bath).


    • Laundry (add a few drops to the washing powder).


    • Washing (pour a few drops of fragrance oil into a bucket of water).


    • Car (soak a dry car tree or replenish an empty air freshener cartridge).



    Additional information:

    • Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun when using orange oil, as this may cause photosensitization.


    • Do not use orally.


    • The product may cause sensitization in contact with the skin.


    • Harmful to aquatic organisms, may cause long-term adverse effects in the aquatic environment.
    • Keep away from children.


    • Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.


    • Capacity: 10 ml.

    10 ml


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