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    Raspberry trio not only for summer

    Enjoy the scent of raspberries all year round! We present one of our favorite flavors enclosed in as many as 3 AUNA products. Relax – you will not overeat 🙂 Pamper yourself and allow yourself a bit of relaxation in your home SPA. So, what – do you fancy a portion of fresh fruit?



    Set contains:

    • raspberry bath salt 300 g – an effortless way to diversify your evening bath. One tablespoon of salt is enough for your skin to be covered with a raspberry, pleasant to the touch coating. Our salt has a softening and moisturizing effect on the skin, so you will not need to use an additional lotion after leaving the bathtub!


    • Raspberry soap 100 g – the next step in your relaxing ritual is the use of raspberry soap on the whole body. A sweet scent for steam and easy foaming will make washing more pleasant. In addition, the soap has valuable antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that do not dry the epidermis.


    • Raspberry peeling 250 ml – the last stage of raspberry bliss is peeling with pieces of fruit. Massage it gently into freshly washed skin, leave it on for a few minutes and rinse. You will be impressed with how smooth your skin is – no lotion!



    Additional information:

    • All our cosmetics are vegan and do not contain preservatives, allergens, artificial fillers, or foaming agents. For the love of fauna and flora!


    • The products are not suitable for eating, although we know that they have a tempting smell 🙂 Follow our recommendations for use to make sure that your cosmetics will work as intended.


    • The standard price of the set is PLN 89 – so you save PLN 9 by buying them together! This is called a deal 🙂


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