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soya candle Japanese cherry


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    Japanese cherry

    Warm oriental scent with notes of fresh lemon and tangerine, based on incense, patchouli, soft moss, ambergris, vanilla and caramelized sugar, which passes into clove, cinnamon, mature cherry and tuberose.


    The advantages of soya wax

    When burning soya candles, 90% less carbon dioxide is released than when burning traditional ones. They can be safely used with children, allergy sufferers or animals. The wax used in the production of candles is made from soya beans – natural and not genetically modified, without the addition of pesticides, it is biodegradable and safe for the environment.


    Packaging: 200g of wax

    Smoking time: about 25 h




    The first smoking should last from 1.5 to 3 hours. It should not be extinguished before the wax has warmed up and dissolved over the entire diameter of the candle up to the walls of the vessel.

    Cut the wick from the second smoking to about half a centimetre long. This will provide a better candle flame.




    1. Do not leave the candle lit unattended.


    2. Be careful when smoking if there are children and animals nearby.


    3. Place candles away from flammable materials, paper, curtains.


    4. Try to ventilate the rooms after each prolonged candle burning.



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